New and Used Shipping Container for Sale !!

10 Feet 20 Feet 30 Feet 40 Feet Shipping Containers Sales in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE has been developed with a strong dedicated Operational, Business Development, Direct Marketing team and Online Sales and Marketing Team to facilitate the flow of general Dammam Cargo services from King Abdul Aziz Port, Dammam Saudi Arabia and ensure faster delivery to any point in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain and accross the major Ports and Countries

We are converting/modifying the shipping containers into a offices, houses, canteens, smoking zone, storage, toilets, shops & security room. Our containers are: New and used Containers are Wind & Water tight, Cargo worthy or IICL condition. Inspection available prior to purchase.   More

Email Us :: sales@shippingcontainer4sale.com

  • Containers Trading : New Shipping Containers and Used Shipping Containers in Dammam Saudi Arabia. Container Solutions, Containers Supply and Containers Transportation. Containers Sale and Trading was established before 15 years in the City of Dammam Saudi Arabia.
  • Freight Forwarding : Air Cargo – Sea Cargo – Land Transportation – Customs Clearance in Dammam Saudi Arabia.
  • Modifications / Conversions : We Modify Portable Houses in Dammam Saudi Arabia, Portable Offices, Portable Container Stores, Containers for Storage, Container or Portable Tool Rooms, Container or Portable Engine Rooms, Portable or Container Security Guard Houses, Portable or Container Toilets, Movable Portable Containers, Ablutions Rooms, Portable Meeting Halls, Portable Kitchen etc.
  • Wooden Porta Cabins : We Fabricate Wooden / Steel Frame Porta Cabins in Dammam Saudi Arabia for Portable Offices, Portable Accommodations, Portable Mess Halls, Portable Kitchen and Portable Toilets etc.
  • Containers Accessories : We supply Containers Spare Parts, Such as Corner Castings, Container Door Handles, Container Rubber Beading, Container Ventilatios, Container Bar Handles, Container Tarpaulins, Container Lashing Belts etc. Available in Dammam Saudi Arabia
  • Containers Seals : Containers Bolts Seals, Container Cable Seals, Container Plastic Seals. Various types of Container seals are supplied in Dammam Saudi Arabia to meet your requirements in Air Lines, Cold storage, Courier companies and various purpose of using security seals.
  • General Trading : Marine Equipment and General Trading such as Import of rice shipments etc. We are located in Dammam Saudi Arabia
  • Shipping Containers Size and Container Types Available in Dammam Saudi Arabia
  • 10’ Feet Shipping Containers
  • 20’ Feet Standard Containers
  • 20’ Feet Open Top Containers
  • 20’ Feet Reefer Containers
  • 20’ Feet Flat Rack
  • 40’ Feet Standard Containers
  • 40’ Feet High Cube Containers
  • 40’ Feet Open Top Containers
  • 40’ Feet Reefer Containers
  • 40’ Feet Flat Rack
  • Used New Shipping Containers
  • 20 Feet Used Shipping Containers
  • 40 Feet Used New Shipping Containers
  • 20 Feet 40 Feet Storage Containers
  • 30 Feet Customised Containers
  • 10 Feet Modification Containers
  • Multi Purpose Containers

( Many other types of containers such as 2 doors, opposite doors, 4 doors etc..)

Visit our Container Yard Office for Inspection.

Containers are available in huge quantity in our shippingcontainer4sale yard at Dammam. Portable Cabins or Portable Offices are Manufactured in all Dimensions and sizes at shippingcontainer4sale Company in Dammam City, Saudi Arabia.